"The impossible is the way!"

but more simple is impossible!!

Universal Software Model based on a new, simple, unique, universal informational entity -- the Informational Individual -- ready as a technical prototype and proof of concept!

'usm' is the programming language of the Universal Software Model! But it is not 'another' language. This is a complete system for managing real problems using parameters of the problems. It is based on a unique informational entity -- called the Informational Individual!

The Informational Individual


(a fundamental invention – the final frontier of the software concepts)

Universal Software Model (USM)

based on a new informational entity:

The Informational Individual!

1.   I talk about a completely new conceptual approach, a big change in our thinking about software, on a new informational model - inspired from the real world!

2.    A unique and universal programming language – named ’usm’ -- (I built it 60%),    NOT OBJECT-ORIENTED, BUT the parameters of the real problems into a magical MATRIX OF TYPES and the relationships among parameters!

In fact, EVERY informational problem in the universe is about parameters and the relationships among them! NOT OBJECTS! The current construction of the language can be seen as a functional prototype. In addition, this is not ‘another language’. This is a complete system in which we can represent and solve any kind of problem.

3.    The transition from "very complicated and dangerous" to "very simple".

The Current Software Model, based on tons of programming languages and everything as a service, is over!

4.    The transition from centralized systems (all in one place) to local systems (everything to its place, its time, and its person). 95% of the local parameters no need to be in a central place. They are only for local systems.

5.    The implementing a dual state feature for Informational Individual:

       5.1. Independence – as in the real life!

       5.2. Connectivity -- as in the real life! While the Informational Individual is a functional entity as a local system, it is part of a Universal Network over the Internet.

6.    I built the Informational Cell – the smallest piece of information that can exist independently inside an Informational Individual.

The evolution of the concept starting from Activity

The big transition: From OOP to IOP

This should be clear!

More simple is not possible!

Network model with unique informational entity -- the Informational Individual

The Informational Individual is the future

                                    Complexity vs. Complicated

We can build a model considering as reference the center of the Earth or a center of the Sun. We'll have two mathematical models, but the first is much more complicated. 

The word 'complex' can be added to anything. But a model can be even complicated. In this case is not realistic to talk about complexity. 

The Big Challenge!